Meet The Team

Back in the days of the early 2000s when the Black Eyed Peas were wondering where the love had gone, Captain Jack Sparrow was the poster boy of the moment and Facebook was barely a social networking dot on Myspace Tom’s radar, the first steps towards world domination were taken.

By world domination, we actually just mean clocking up a few V8 Supercars wins, but at least we’ve got your attention now.

September 2003 saw a foreign import in the form of Roland Dane take over a dwindling V8 Supercars team and reincarnate it as Triple Eight Race Engineering. Word on the street was that he had clocked up a few accomplishments overseas in the British Touring Car Championship, but that doesn’t hold a flame to our beloved Aussie beasts.

Fast forward to 2012 and four V8 Supercars Teams and Drivers Championships later, along with five Bathurst 1000 wins, and Triple Eight were the powerhouse of pit lane.

Over in Austria, a little bird had told another little bird that Red Bull’s long-awaited path into V8 Supercars had finally been laid, and that was music sweeter to the ears than Maria singing to the Salzburg hills.

After several top secret, undercover investigations and numerous talks in undisclosed locations, a partnership was created that promised to take the world by storm, and in 2013 Red Bull Racing Australia arrived on the scene in spectacular style.

Now in its seventh season, the team has clocked up another four Drivers’ Championships and five Teams’ Championships, with no plans on stopping there.